Safer and Kinder NYC Is My Priority: Suraj Jaswal

Suraj Jaswal, a visionary community activist is running for the New York council District 25. Keeping safety and quality life as utmost priorities, Jaiswal is all set to claim his representation in the coming election of November 3. Suraj is the Libertarian Party candidate for the City Council from District 25 that represents Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, and part of Woodside in New York City’s borough of Queens. Voting for the general election will be held on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021.
Twenty years of experience in working with the collaboration of city agencies as an environmental consultant has fostered the spirit of teamwork and leadership in Jaiswal,

encouraging him to utilize them to better the city. With substantial experience in working as a volunteer in many campaigns and social activities, Jaiswal shows a promising approach in investing his time, skill, or even funds, if required, to uplift the community.
Increasing crimes, critical safety issues, the downfall of healthcare facilities, unemployment, escalating taxes, low quality of life, conflicts among diverse communities are some of the significant challenges that a Council representative is likely to deal with, according to Jaiswal upon which he assures to long for solution-oriented strategy if given a chance. With the pledge of votes, he requests, “One can’t expect solutions from those who are more or less responsible for the problems in the first place. Therefore, I have to stand up to bring a diversity of opinion and a fresh approach to the City Council to make New York a kinder and safer city.”
According to Jaiswal, ‘opening city canteens to provide low-cost healthy meals to all New Yorkers. And run it at a no profit-no loss basis, conducting discussions with neighbors to find middle grounds to solve the conflicts, reducing occupational licensing requirements to re-start job creation, among other things, are some of the foremost and the most significant steps he ought to carry out if elected by the citizens.