About us

TV Sunday is an emerging news media agency with a broadcasting studio in New York and Kathmandu and news bureaus in Toronto, London, Brussels, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Doha. Our growth in the news world is driven by the desire to provide the best content, connect the South Asian American community with the mainstream, promote businesses, art, culture, and identity. We do so with credibility, truth, speed, and quality as guiding principles.


To meet the evolving demand for quality news and information, our pursuit for excellence helps us innovate, improve and design our platform to serve our audience better. As one of the best managed online television based in New York, TV Sunday has a reputation to uphold. We go above and beyond to provide the best possible audio/video, picture, and text content. When it comes to coverage, we go across the world to bring you news from and about South Asian communities, wherever the reporting takes us. The result is a complete, multifaceted, in-depth coverage of news with an extensive reach.


You Deserve The Truth

You seek information to challenge the popular opinion and create your world view but to make correct decisions about the status quo, you need authentic and well-researched information. With TV Sunday, you can be able to ask why to find answers and know the truth. We inspire conversions and help people put them into perspective so they can make up their minds about an opinion.


TV Sunday advances your knowledge and understanding of a news story.

With great highlights of daily happenings and unique perspectives across the media spectrum, TV Sunday News provides everything you need to know about the day’s events.


Who We Are

TV Sunday is your source for comprehensive, unbiased online video news and stories with analysis and coverage from the US and across the world. We do our job with persistent curiosity and no agenda in other to help fuel meaningful conversations highlighted with reports from multiple sides of stories.


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TV Sunday news lives, video contents, or pictures are available on the website, making it easy and simple to keep up with happenings in your community and the world at large from anywhere and through any smart device.


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TV Sunday help connect businesses and brands to their potential customers in an authentic and engaging environment. Connecting with your customers just got better.


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