I am honored by the trust you put on me: Buddisagar Subedi, President Elect, NRNA NCC USA

Buddhi Sagar Subedi - president of NRNA NCC USA

Buddisagar Subedi, the current Vice-President, has been elected as the President for the new term 2021-2023 of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) National Coordination Council (NCC) the USA.

Total 15,768 out of 20,138 voters cast their votes which makes 78.32 percent of the total. Subedi received 5,618 or 36 percent of the total cast votes, while his closest rival, Krishna P. Lamichhane, earned 5200 votes. The election had begun at 9 am Eastern Standard Time of 29th May and ended by midnight of 30th May. Subedi expressed his gratitude to all the voters who mattered his victory. “I am honored with the trust you put in me; together, we can make a better NRNA,” his statement released on social media read.

Krishna Lamichhane, the first runner-up, congratulated Subedi and all the elected candidates with his farm commitment of support to make NRNA stronger.

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Similarly, Krishnajivi Pant has elected the vice president with total votes of 6,850 by defending his closest rival, BR Lama, with 1287 votes. The Nepalese-American chose Anjan Kumar Chaulagain as the general secretary of NRNA NCC by casting 6,312 votes for him. On the other hand, Binod Bhatta fell short of 1167 votes to win the position. There were 20,138 voters in the NRNA United States.

Similarly, Gopendra Bhattarai, Suman Thapa, Dilu Ram Parajuli, and Bikash Upreti have been elected as vice-presidents, whereas Diksha Basnet bagged the seat of Female vice-president. Anup Khanal has selected the secretary, Sunita Kandel as the women’s secretary, Rajiv Shrestha as the treasurer, and Agni Dhakal as the co-treasurer.

Likewise, Sundari Gurung and Tribhuvan Pandey have elected the women and youth coordinators, respectively. And Dr. Prakash Shrestha, Bishal Rana, Bala Ghimire, Dolnath Ghimire, Prabhat Raj Sapkota, Gyanendra Gurung, Santosh Pahari, Ashish Sangraula, Shanti Poudel, Biswa Raj Bastola, Durgesh Karki, and Raj Dhungana have elected members of the Board of Directors. The President will nominate the Spokesperson for the organization later.

Amrit Sapkota, Sanjeev Kumar Shrestha, Bindu Niraula, Surendra Malla, Sanjay Thapa, Govind Subedi, Narayan Kandel, Binod Tiwari, and Bishnu Shah have been elected as ICC members from the United States for NRNA International Coordination Council.

What’s the story of Budhisagar Subedi?

Subedi’s family were originally from Taskar, Syangja but later moved to Chitwan. Therefore, Subedi was brought up in Madi, Chitwan. Subedi was a bright student since childhood and never secured any position lesser than first or second throughout school life. As a result, he passed his SLC examination in the first division in the year 2044 BS.

Later, he moved to Pokhara for his higher studies and studied forestry. Subedi has the experience of teaching in both schools and colleges. At present, he is a successful businessman in Wisconsin, USA.

Subedi has also been involved in various Student movements during his student life. After pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, he worked as a school principal located in Kalikot. Then, he also worked as a lecturer at different colleges like Public Youth College, Meen Bhawan College from the year 2054 to 2061 B.S. After which, he started his institute of finance and accounting called Kantipur Institute in New Baneshwor, where approximately 1800 students came for study.

As life was offering a lot of workload on his plate, fate was planning something else for him. He moved to the USA with his family in 2003 Ad after winning the DV. The first few years were a tough row to hoe. He lived in Baltimore and worked in a gas station. But after the 2006 Ad, he started his own business. After more than a decade of time frame, Subedi is actively involved in many companies which have generated employment for more than a hundred youths at present.

After moving to Wisconsin, Subedi established the Nepalese Appleton Youth Association. He had also served as the founding President of the NRNA Wisconsin branch of the United States in 2017-19 and currently serving as the Vice President of NRNA USA; Subedi has now been elected as the new President of NRNA NCC USA for the term of 2021-2023

Election results of National Coordination Council (NCC)


  1. Buddisagar Subedi – 5,618 (36.17 percent)
  2. Krishna Lamichhane – 5,200 (33.48 percent)
  3. Dr. Arjun Banjade – 4,148 (26.7 percent)
  4. Tilak KC – 567 (3.65 percent

Senior Vice President

  1. Krishna GB Pant-6,850 (45.44 percent)
  2. Baburam (BR) Lama – 5,563 (36.9 percent)
  3. Chitra Karki – 2,663 (17.66 percent)

Vice President

  1. Amar Bahadur Chhantyal – 3,126
  2. Bikash Upreti – 4,433- Winner
  3. Basudev Adhikari-4,208
  4. Chandra Lama – 3,369
  5. Diluram Parajuli – 5,097- Winner
  6. Gopendra Raj Bhattarai – 5,496- Winner
  7. Suman Thapa – 5,975- Winner
  8. Kishor Regmi – 1,065
  9. Prabeen KC- 4,049
  10. Prakash Basnet – 2,358
  11. Ram Hari Adhikari – 4,296
  12. Roshan Adhikari – 1,577
  13. Purnachandra Baniya – 2,107
  14. Tank Raj Regmi – 2,147

Women Vice-President

  1. Diksha Basnet – 8,245 winner
  2. Kranti Aryal Bhandari – 6,466


  1. Anjan Kumar Chaulagain – 6,312 Winner
  2. Binod Bhatt – 5,145
  3. Nripendra Dhital – 2,509
  4. Nabaraj Subedi – 785


  1. Anup Khanal, 5,957 Winner
  2. Narayan Prasad Pokhrel -3,473
  3. Drona Gautam – 5,221

Women secretary

  1. Sunita Sapkota Kadel – 7,703 winner
  2. Tara Dhakal Marahatta – 6,872


  1. Rajib Prasad Shrestha — 8,808 winner
  2. Satendra Kumar Shah — 5,795


  1. Agni Pd. Dhakal-6,206 winner
  2. Bikal Dhakal – 4,637
  3. Rabindra Prasad Upreti – 3,588

Youth coordinator

Tribhuvan Pandey – 8,230 winner

Vijay Gurung – 6,383

Women Coordinator

Sundari Gurung – 7,857 winner

Sunita Khatri – 6,941

Board of Directors Winners

  1. Ashish Sangroula- 3619
  2. Bala R. Ghimire- 4376
  3. Bisal Rana- 4594
  4. Bishwaraj Bastola- 3547
  5. Dolnath Ghimire- 4243
  6. Durgesh Jung Karki- 3452
  7. Gyanendra Gurung- 3701
  8. Prabhat Raj Sapkota- 3914
  9. Prakash Shrestha-4515
  10. Raj Dhungana- 3308
  11. Santosh Pahari-3629
  12. Shanti Poudyal- 3576

Regional Committee Chair (RCC) Winner:

Kiran B.Basnet-683(Midwest)

Sammar B. Budhathoki 2378 (North-Eastern)

Badal K. Bhujel- 3405 ( South)

Sriram Thapa-1395 (West)

NRNA ICC Member Winner:

  1. Amrit N. Sapkota-6647
  2. Bindu Niroula-5876
  3. Binod Kumar Tiwari- 4823
  4. Govinda Subedi- 5073
  5. Narayan Prashad Kandel-4932
  6. Sanjay Thapa-5336
  7. Sanjeev K. Shrestha-7052
  8. Surendra Prakash Malla- 5620
  9. Vishnu Bahadur Shah- 4577

Click here to see the detailed list of votes.