Nepali businessmen in Qatar sends health supplies worth 12 million to Nepal.

Mahendra Chaulagain, President:Nepali Business Association

Nepali Businessmen in Qatar, who has always been a part of the joys and sorrows of Nepal, have decided to send health equipment worth more than rupees 10million as help to the Nepal government in order to cope up with the current corona crisis. Nepali Businessman Association Qatar, an umbrella organization of Nepali businessmen based in Qatar is about to send health equipment including ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and pulse oximeter worth rupees 12 million. The association is going to send the health supplies to Nepal in coordination with the Nepali Embassy in Qatar and the Non-Resident NepaliAssociation (NRNA) Qatar. According to Mahendra Prasad Chaulagain, the Chairman of Nepali Businessman Association Qatar, the supplies include 14 ventilators,50 oxygen concentrators, 3,000 pulse oximeters, and 50 nasal cannulas and will arrive in Kathmandu within 10 days. Chairman Chaulagain further added that the materials would be sent to all the states through the Ministry of Health and the population as per need.

Nepali Businessmen in Qatar.

“We cannot unsee and unheard the heart-breaking plight screaming voices of the Nepalese with limited resources who have been forced to go through the ordeal caused by the uncontrolled epidemic. And we have always been providing every possible assistance in various ways whenever our motherland is in need. Besides, it is our duty to help as much as we can in this hour of grief and suffering where a large number of Nepalese have faced untimely death and loss of their loved ones. This ought to be done out of humanity and for the sake of peace of mind as well,ʺ Chaulagain said. According to Ramesh Bhatta, the general secretary of the association, 68 entrepreneurs have contributed to the campaign starting from Rs1 lakh to Rs 8 lakh. They had helped earlier while sending 560 oxygen supplies from Oman as well. Among all the Nepali organizations running in Qatar, only the Nepali Business Association is legally recognized. More than 3 and half million Nepalese are working in various fields in the country, while Nepali businessmen have invested in various businesses including restaurants, medical, construction, garages, grocery stores, labor supply companies, and many more.
Source: Janasawal National Daily