My Track Records Secure my Victory: Anjan Kumar Chaulagain, Candidate General Secretary.

As the NRNA NCC USA election is just around the corner, Anjan Kumar Chaulagain seems pretty occupied with the preparations and meetings. He is all set to compete for the General Secretary in the coming NRNA NCC USA election.
Yes, Anjan Kumar Chaulagain, an intellect with heart of gold who is equally successful in terms of career as well as social standing, has announced his candidacy for General Secretary. The journey that began from Sindhupalchowk, his birthplace, has brought him to the land of opportunity, the USA, and evidently, he is utilizing this opportunity to not just merely fulfill his own dreams but rather by helping many immigrants like him to achieve theirs.
The hunger to promote and protect the rights and interests of Nepalese residing outside Nepal and establish a global network to provide a common platform for Nepalese Diaspora in America are the two main factors that encouraged Chaulagain to participate as a candidate in the election in the first place.
With the experiences and knowledge gained by involving in different social organizations like Red Cross, Cabin (Organization that works for the children), and Uthan (Organization that works for human rights), he believes that he is a suitable candidate for General Secretary. Chaulagain dreams of taking the upliftment of the organization and promotion of Nepali tourism and heritage along with the socio-economic development of Nepal hand-to-hand.
Chaulagain strongly abides by the belief that to help others, one needs to have stability and resources themselves first which quite sums up his strategy of institutionalizing and developing the financial sustainability of NRNA. Besides, he also promises to advocate for the continuation of Nepali citizenship with the Nepal government. Chaulagain, a bona fide expert with substantial knowledge in business, arts, and law, is well-aware of the challenges and obstacles that occur on the way of the immigrants upon which he is planning to promote and support fair and equitable rights of Nepali migrant workers.
‘Not just Nepali immigrants but the promotion of investments in Nepal that are of national interest and provide social benefits is my target,’ Chaulagain sounds affirmative.