NRNA is not a Business Corporation: Dr. Arjun Banjade, Candidate of President, NRNA NCC USA

 Can we imagine healthy leadership from a person who has superficial knowledge about the organization, its objectives, and weakness? The answer is, No. So says Dr. Arjun Banjade, the President candidate for NRNA NCC 2021-2023 term. As he announced his candidacy for the position, he has vowed to put all his knowledge, experience, and network to bring the organization into much structured, organized and active shape.” Implementing the plans and policies effectively, taking over the incomplete projects, serving the organization will be done rising way above from the political distractions or personal interests,” says Dr. Banjade. The Nepali diaspora in America is well aware of Dr. Banjade’s journey in NRNA. He served as a chairperson of NRNA Education Task Force from 2015-2017 ad and as a board of directors of NRNA NCC USA for the next two years. Furthermore, Dr. Banjade was elected as Senior Vice-president of NRNA NCC USA for the 2019-2021 term. Dr.Banjade assures that this more than half-decade-long journey with NRNA will be proven as a significant basis for building a well-united and effective organization. It is believed that every success story is built on the foundation of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Dr. Banjade’s story is no different. His journey from Arghakhachi(a remote village in Nepal) to America is an exemplary example of how hard work wins fate. He completed his secondary education from a local government school inArghakhachi and shifted to the ‘City of Dreams’ Kathmandu for higher education.Dr. Banjade is a graduate of science. Later, he pursued his master’s degree in population studies.  While he was still a student, Dr. Banjade was involved in different research activities and got the opportunity to observe and learn about various cultures and people across the country much closely. Shortly after completion of his master’s degree, he joined RatnaRajya Campus as a lecturer and later became an associate professor of the same institute. In his quest for knowledge, he happened to reach the ‘Country of dreams, America in 1998 ad. Dr. Banjade pursued a master’s degree and further completed his doctorate degree in mass communication from Ohio University. Talking about his political life, although he was involved in different student bodies of the NepaliCongress Party during his student life at present, he says that he holds no interest to further extend a political career in Nepal. “If I have to I would rather join either Democratic or Republican Party in America rather than joining Nepali politics,” states Dr. Banjade when asked about his plans for politics. However, at this moment, his prime focus is on the NRNA election. According to his plans for the organization, the future holds many ambitious projects and new policies such as lobbying for NRNA law formation in Nepal, a continuation of Nepali citizenship, creation of opportunities targeting the Nepali-American children and youth, the establishment of NRNA Village in Nepal, an internship with Whitehouse, micro-investments, modifying the existing NRN ID law removing the restrictions and many more.