My Contributions are my Qualification: Sanjay Thapa, Candidate ICC Member

Sanjay Thapa announces candidacy for NRNA ICC member   SanjayThapa, a man with substantial knowledge in business and social affairs has decided to serve the NRNA International Co-ordination Council. Apparently, Thapa announced his candidacy for NRNA ICC member. Thapa who had remained on the board of directors of NRNA NCC from 2017-2019 also served as the council’s advisor for two years afterward. After providing remarkable contributions to the national-ordination Council, Thapa is all set to try for a new journey in the ICC. Talking about his professional life, he, at present, is the president of Nepali Real Estate Development Fund Corporation (NREDFC). The organization has been working since the day of its formal establishment to achieve the main objective; economic prosperity of the Nepali community. Thapa believes that the organization will be expanded with the objective of “economic prosperity for itself”. But reaching this height of success in professional life was definitely not a child’s play for him. Thapa, a graduate in civil engineering, began his career as a quality control technician and gradually gained ten years of expertise in concrete construction. As he states, “I have been responsible for the quality of over 1 million cubic yards of concrete in New York.” Taking social service and business hand-to-hand, Thapahas left no stones unturned to maintain his social profile by engaging in various organizations and activities. He has served as General Secretary ofUNDF New York for two years and as the president of UNDF North East USA for three years. Not just as a stakeholder of different organizations through financial aids but Thapa is directly involved in helping people in need which is proven by his act of donating blood seventy-eight times to date. As a result, he is serving as an advisor of the Blood Donors Association, the USA since 2017 ad.