Serving community is my motto: Vijay Gyawali, Candidate Board of Director

Vijay Gyawali

Bijay Gnawali, son of HiranyaLal Gnawali and Sita Gnawali and born in a remote village Thorga ofGulmi is a perfect example of a wildflower blooming through the rocks. Although born in a village with no proper education and opportunities, his circumstances never stopped him from chasing his dreams which led him to move to one of the world’s largest economy, the USA in 2017 ad and make his way into the real estate business. In the short span of almost four years of his arrival in the USA, Gnawali is among few Nepalese that are able to make great achievements in the profession as well as among the Nepali Diaspora community in America. He is currently working as the CEO of rising Global Ink situated inNew York and as an agent of insurance and real estate business. Gnawali is also very actively involved in social services by being closely associated with various social organizations in America. His efforts for the Nepali community during the covid-19 pandemic the previous year are quite commendable. From leading the fund collection project for daughters of Pawan Malla who died due to coronato participating in the fund collection for the project ‘Tato Khana’ ran in Nepal during the first lockdown to provide food for the needy, Gnawali has proven his thrive for helping others. At present, he is serving as the NRNAYouth Coordination Committee member but highly dissatisfied with NRNA’sperformance. He believes that the lack of youth’s interest in NRNA is the result of the stakeholders’ lack of far-sightedness and dirty politics. ‘Despite the fact of being the only official organization of Nepali immigrants, one has to pledge to be a member of NRNA,’ Gnawali further adds, ‘My candidacy is for ending such trend.’ Yes, Gnawali has announced the candidacy for the NRNA NCC Board of Directors for the term 2021-2023. And he expresses his excitement for the election because of the overwhelming responses he is receiving from the fellows and friends. When asked about his election agendas for the organization, he says, ‘Youth mobilization, NRNA for all, politics-free inclusion and establishment of the trustworthy foundation.’ Gnawaliseems quite confident about the election as he believes his capabilities, qualifications, networking, and agendas are strong enough to bring him closer to victory. ‘But will the political syndicate allow execution of a fair election? ,’ we asked.Gnawali calmly answered,’ I am here to break the very syndicate.’