Basanta Khadka releases a new song as Banker Dhakal Turned into Modeling

It is widely believed that no matter wherever a person goes or whatever height of success he achieves, one’s heart will always beat for the things they love. Apparently, Basanta Khadka’s journey in music accurately represents the same belief. Life offered him success in his profession and good social reputation, but he could never detach himself from the urge to follow his passion for music. That’s why he has contributed to the Nepali musical world with more than half a dozen of his melodies.

Basanta Khadka with Legendary singer Premdhoj Pradhan

And continuing his journey in the musical path, Khadka has recently brought a new song to the market titled ‘Nisthuri.’ The music video of the song, released on 31st May 2021, has been produced by Kanchan Music Entertainment and can now be viewed on its youtube channel.

The video reflects a beautiful tale of love. Madhav Dhakal, a social worker, businessman, and successful banker, has penned down the song’s lyrics gracefully to make it more connected with the listeners.
Khadka’s Mrigatrishna (Ghazal), GaganKo Bich, Badalideu Timi, and Best of Basanta Khadka Part 1 and 2 are publicly acclaimed songs.

Although Khadka isn’t a singer by profession currently, he is popularly known for his singing. His collaboration and friendship with renowned and legendary musical figures of Nepal like Ambar Gurung and Premdhoj Pradhan, Ratna Shemser Thapa, Chetan Karki, have also helped him boost his confidence and skills in singing as he believes.