Second dose of Vero Cell vaccination for the elderly starts on July 6

Prerana Timaalsina, Kathmandu
As the country has been suffering from COVID-19, the government of Nepal announced the vaccine schedule. The second Vero Cell vaccine is being administered to senior citizens from 60- 64 years old from July 6. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 3,900 vaccination centers across the country are actively involved in administering the covid-19 vaccines for the elderly, among which Kathmandu district alone has 32 centers.
The vaccination program would continue till July 8, as per the statement of the government. It starts at 1) am in the morning till 4 pm. First dose vaccination cards are mandatory. Those elderly who didn’t get vaccinated with the first dose of Vero cell vaccines are also supposed to get it this time. The government has speculated around 5 lakhs of senior citizens would be vaccinated this time.